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deliver(email, config \\ [])

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@spec deliver(Swoosh.Email.t(), Keyword.t()) :: {:ok, term()} | {:error, term()}
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deliver!(email, config \\ [])

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@spec deliver!(Swoosh.Email.t(), Keyword.t()) :: term() | no_return()
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deliver_many(emails, config \\ [])

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@spec deliver_many(
      assigns: term(),
      attachments: term(),
      bcc: term(),
      cc: term(),
      from: term(),
      headers: term(),
      html_body: term(),
      private: term(),
      provider_options: term(),
      reply_to: term(),
      subject: term(),
      text_body: term(),
      to: term()
) :: {:ok, term()} | {:error, term()}