API Reference Claper v1.6.0



Claper keeps the contexts that define your domain and business logic.

The Accounts context.

Plug for user session token.

The Events context.

The Forms context.

The Polls context.

The Posts context.

The Presentations context.

Used for executing DB release tasks when run in production without Mix installed.

The Stats context.

This module is used to convert presentations from PDF or PPT to images. We use a hash to identify the presentation. A new hash is generated when the conversion is finished and the presentation is being uploaded.

The entrypoint for defining your web interface, such as controllers, views, channels and so on.

Input component for forms

Conveniences for translating and building error messages.

A module providing Internationalization with a gettext-based API.

Plug to set the locale based on the Accept-Language header.

Provides presence tracking to channels and processes.

Plug for user authentication.

Dependency-free S3 Form Upload using HTTP POST sigv4