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You can choose to run Claper directly in your server environment or use Docker to run it in a container. If you decide not to use Docker, you need to have the following prerequisites:

  • Postgres >= 15
  • Elixir >= 1.16.2
  • Erlang >= 26
  • NPM >= 10
  • NodeJS >= 20
  • Ghostscript >= 10 (for PDF support)
  • Libreoffice >= 24 (for PPT/PPTX support)

If you want to use Docker, you just need to have the latest Docker version installed on your server.


Docker is the most recommended and easy way to run Claper. You don't have to be a Docker expert to launch your own instance, but you should have a basic understanding of the command-line and networking to successfully set it up.

Hardware requirements

The hardware requirements depend on the number of attendees and the number of presentations you want to run simultaneously. You can smoothly host a presentation up to 300 attendees with 3 vCPU cores and 4 GB of RAM, it could be x86_64 or ARM64 architecture.


This is a non-exhaustive configuration and can vary depending on your network quality and how the attendees interact with the presentation.